The training method in our school is exactly under the grandmaster's Gary Lam system and advices. In Wing Chun we meet a training method in physical, psychological and mental level.

The personality's control and the trasformation of the lower instincts to the higher powers-virtues was, from the start, the target of this system, which shapes the body's central neural system and acts in the subconscious of its owner.

It is an unopened system of martial art in which the powers of Yin and Yan (black-white, hard-soft, male-female, action-reaction) are in a total balance. The learning of exchanging and simultaneous operation of Yin-Yan creates an internal power that subconsciousness balances everything in normal life of the student.

During the breathing exercises, the student can control and canalize his internal power, the power that in China is called Chi. With other most advanced exercises he activates specific energy centers which make the student to canalize his Chi to the targets he wants to achieve. In very difficult and dangerous battles, he uses this power hiting his opponent on vital spots. The addition of emotional and mental power would make those strikes deadly.

That's why the students are formed in a way that they never use those technics vainly or with selfishness.

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The Wing Chun student is called to learn his internal powers through a path that chooses on his own. He is called to stand up to many opponents and many enemies, starting from the bigest one ... himself.

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"A lot of Wing Chun is in      
the mind. The actions or       
movements are not that       
important. What Wing        
Chun teaches is that it is      
is more important to         
use what is in your head
1935 - 1997                 


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