Sifu Evangelos Vasilakis is trained directly from grandmaster Gary Lam and opened his own school in Crete Greece as an instructor on 2005.

His knowledge and skills are such that he has already a very good reputation in Greece. Since 2005 he has made successfully two very capable
Wing Chug instructors who are teaching beside him in his school. Find more in his biography.


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Sifu Evangelos Vasilakis has received the High Level Certificate on 2007 from grandmaster Gary Lam in Los Angeles.

This certificate includes the knowledge of the
Five Elements and Systems from which the three of them are secret and this knowledge is priceless. The level of this knowledge that sifu Evangelos owns has been reached only by few people in the world.

Sifu Evangelos is the only direct student of grandmaster
Gary Lam in Greece.

Sifu Evangelos Vasilakis in March 2009 acquired the
Gary Lam Wing Chun top certificate enabling him officially to train other instructors as well as special certificates issuing.

In June 2010 the grandmaster proclaimed sifu Evangelos as the
Head instructor and master trainer of Europe for his complete system of training and his school in Athens as the exemplar school as the official headquarters of Europe.

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You never understand        
why you devote so much      
of yourself to a dream ...      
until the day the dream       
saves your life

Little Dragon               
BRUCE LEE                
27/11/1940 - 20/7/1973       


Karatzanis Epameinondas is one of sifu Evangelos first generation students. He   studied  already three years Wong Shun Leung style before he started taking private lessons of Gary Lam Wing Chun under sifu Evangelos. He became an instructor on 28/3/2007.

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Special instructors program

People have the posibility to obtain a special instructor program. This opportunity will make the students to save not only a lot of years of learning but money as well. Our solid written down system contains unbelievable structure power, world top quality knowledge and the three Wing Chun secret systems for begginers as well as for advanced students.

Be a powerful fighting machine!

This program includes a Wing Chun Kung Fu certification from grandmaster Gary Lam and he will have the possibility to pass this knowledge over and teach as well. For further details contact sifu Evangelos at +30 6974 642811.


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