Sifu Evangelos is a truly Battle Specialist.

His understanding and knowledge of Combat
Wing Chun is deep and complete. This originates from two reasons.

The first is the experience of countless combats that he dominated succesfully with
one to multiple opponents even under dangerous and life threating attacks.  

That's why he is
most prized from V.I.P. and High level Goverment Persons for his special guarding and protecting services.

The second reason is his special training under the wings of grandmaster Gary Lam (Lam Man Hog) who is a living legend in Wing Chun and an enlighten professor of this unique art, a mountain of knowledge who understands to combine this absolute art with the spirit of present time.

Evangelos started his training at Gary Lam System on 2003 from Gary Lam’s first direct student in Europe.

On 2005 he received his Crossing Hand Certification, Level One in Los Angeles California and he is one of four direct students in Europe. Before that he trained Bery Lee (The Machine) Wing Chun System in Germany.

He lives for several months every year at grandmaster’s house and obtains special and unique training units.

Sifu Evangelos leads Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu in Greece and in the whole Mediterranean.

In 2010 he became head instructor and instructors’ trainer of all Europe

He is envoy from the grandmaster to show in Europe and to his students the complete five systems of Wing Chun fighting art. Those five systems become one with the five elements in Level Four of Wing Chun. Three of those five systems are secret fighting units until today.

They are the highest level of Wing Chun Fighting which transforms its owner to a powerful deadly combat machine.

Nothing ... and I mean ... NOTHING can stand on his way!!

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Don't tell me you do       
self defence if you can      
not finish your opponent    
within three seconds

GARY LAM                 


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