It is a secret, pure war art comming from South China and combines defence and neutralization of the enemy using the smallest possible energy. It revealed to the Western World through
Bruce Lee.

Designed for Survival

Evangelos Vasilakis is the only direct student of Gary Lam in the whole mediterranean and brought Gary Lam Wing Chun system to Greece on 2005. He is specially trained by the Grandmaster in Los Angeles California.

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It is suitable for any age: youngsters, middle ages or elders even for women because it is the only war art in the world that has been designed from a woman while she was searching for a better and a smarter way to stand up to bigger and stronger opponents. It does not need you to have strength because you use the opponent's strength and your mind.

simple - direct - efficient - if is necessary absolute deadly

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While learning Wing Chun, you learn how to have a proper skeletal formation, properly triangular, giving you balance - power - speed.

It has been noticed that many myoskeletal problems have been corrected with the proper position of the body that you learn in
Wing Chun.

Be an instructor of the most advanced Wing Chung family: join our special istructors program.

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You never understand        
why you devote so much      
of yourself to a dream ...      
until the day the dream       
saves your life

Little Dragon               
BRUCE LEE                
27/11/1940 - 20/7/1973       


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